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Law Enforcement Adds Extra Patrols Dec. 10-jan. 1

December 12, 2014

Law enforcement urge people to lock doors following rash of gun thefts -

Alcohol can enhance the side effects of medication. Avoid mixing alcohol with any medications, and ask your doctor about possible consequences if you do. If you plan to drink, have a sober friend do the driving, or find another sober-ride alternative. Expect your friends and family to have a sober driver and let them know it. Provide safe transportation for your party guests, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Dallas Land Someone also broke into the back of an unlocked camper shell on a pickup truck in Eagle and stole two slips and falls shotguns. Such thefts should be reported to law enforcement immediately. "It's also very important that the gun owner have the serial number, the make and the model so that detectives and police officers can follow up and investigate that kind of thing," Kinzel says. The warning about the thefts should also put people looking to buy a firearm on alert. Klein says the resale of a stolen gun has serious consequences. "If they end up with a stolen weapon, they can never have good title to that," Klein says.

Law enforcement K9s perform tests for certification

legal alt='Highlands County Sheriff’s K9 Deputy Jose Molina lets his dog, Lady, play to release energy before the state K9 certification test at the Holiday Inn Express in Sebring on Wednesday.' /> Kyle Albritton, who is over the K9 Unit of the Highlands County Sheriffs Office, said the dogs must be certified annually. He said none from the Highlands County Sheriffs Office have ever failed to be certified. We train year around, said Albritton, whose K9, Mico, performed well in the test. Highlands County deputy Steve Worley said the K9s receive 200 hours of training before becoming initially certified. Typically when training a dog for drug detection, he said, they use marijuana first because it has the strongest odor. The dogs are trained to recognize odors from other drugs as well, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and Ecstasy.

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